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Toyota and Lexus hybrid traction battery diagnostic App

Dr. Prius / Dr. Hybrid is an App developed to assist professional Toyota/Lexus hybrid repair shop and owners to examine/monitor the health of the vehicles High Voltage battery. This App turns your mobile device into a professional diagnostic tool/system that would normally cost thousand of dollars and difficult to use. Our Dr. Prius/Dr. Hybrid App is trusted and used by 125+ professional repair shops around the world. User friendly and easy to use, makes the Dr. Prius App the #1 choice of professionals and home users

Dr. Prius perform test and provides access to all the relevant battery information to quickly help identify problems with a simple touch on the screen of your smartphone, do not fall victim to bad battery, test the battery and print the certificate to prove the health of your hybrid. Dr. Prius means peace of mind and saves your money!

Note: This app requires a Bluetooth OBD plug in interface to communicate with your hybrid vehicle, please see What OBD2 Plug In Unit to buy page for more detailed information.

Note: Most features are free to use. The test features require in-app purchase.

Dr. Prius supported vehicle model:

1. 2020 Prius all lineup except 4WD version
2. 2020 Highlander hybrid
3. 2017-2019 Prius Prime Plug-In
4. 2016-2019 Prius Gen4 One, Two, Two Eco, Three(Lithium) and Four(Lithium)
5. 2012-2015 Prius Plug-In
6. 2009-2015 Prius Gen3
7. 2003-2009 Prius Gen2
8. 1997-2003 Prius Gen1 (partial support)
9. Auris
10. Aqua
11. Prius C
12. Camry Hybrid
13. Avalon Hybrid
14. Highlander Hybrid
15. Lexus CT200h
16. Lexus ES300h
17. Lexus HS250h
18. Lexus RX400h
19. Lexus RX450h
20. Lexus GS450h
21. Lexus LS600h
22. Lexus UX250h
23. CHR Hybrid
24. 2006 Estima Hybrid (partial support on Android and Amazon Fire)
25. 2006+ Estima Hybrid (full support on Android and Amazon Fire)

Find the trouble battery blocks:

Android - Find out the remaining life of the Prius traction battery:

iOS - Find out the remaining life of the Prius traction battery:

2017 Prius Gen4 Lithium battery life expectancy test:

2017 Prius Gen4 Lithium battery dagnostic:

Promotion video:


Balint's Podcast

Tune in to the Prius Podcast at, where Prius owners share stories on ownership, talk reliability and discuss the industry.
Talking with an owner who has driven 865,000 miles in Priuses and another buying a non-working 2005 for $600 and fixing it in 5 minutes, just to mention a couple.


Thank you for your support! If you have any questions and any feedback, please feel free to contact us at:

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Dr. Prius main features:

Battery Monitor page

Hybrid HV battery Monitor page


Battery Full Test page

Hybrid HV battery Full Test


Battery Expectancy test page

Hybrid HV battery Expectancy Test


Speical Feature page

Dr. Prius Special Feature page


Nearby Hybrid Repair Shop

Dr. Prius nearby repair shop page


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Dr. Prius FAQ

1. Which bluetooth OBD2 adapter should I buy?

   Please refer to the What OBD2 to buy page.

2. Can Dr. Prius run on my phone/tablet?

   Dr. Prius is available on Android, iOS and Amazon platforms, however some cheap Android devices may have a low quality Bluetooth interface that cause random disconnection, it will generate frustration while a long test got interrupted.

2. Why is bluetooth OBD2 adapter better than WiFi OBD2 adapter?

   WiFi OBD2 adapter has to go through extra steps in order to be connected, also it often interrupt internet conneciton and yield very bad user experience.

3. Why is Dr. Prius trys to reconnect multiple times during test?

   That usually means you have too many Apps running in the background fighting resource with the bluetooth or WiFi connection. Or it could be other nearby Bluetooth device(s) trying to hijack/interference the wireless connection.

4. How do I know if my bluetooth OBD2 adapter would work?

   Simply connect the adapter to your car, pair it with your device and then run Dr. Prius, Dr. Prius will attempt to connect to your OBD2 3 times, if for some reasons fail, Dr. Prius will show you exactly what went wrong during the process.

5. Will performing the Life Expectancy test hurt my car?

   Don't worry, Prius is drive by wire, means even if you pedeal to the metal the car is not actually spinning the wheel and doing burn out, it simply charging up the battery using the energy from the engine.

6. The engine kick-in during the last step of life expectancy test, will that affect the result of the test?

   The latest code has taken "engine kick-in" into consideration therefore the result will most likely intact.

7. Where is the monitor page recording goes to?

   The monitor log is storing in the "BatteryTestHistory" folder at the root of your device, or simply search for BatteryMonitorLog.csv when connecting your device to a computer.

8. What is the green, orange and red signify on the voltage blocks means?

   Each battery blade has a safe voltage range from 6-9 volts, outside that range will cause tiny degradation to the battery chemistry, orange and red color is therefore used to indicate that voltage is outside the absolute safe zone.

9. What is the "Override battery temperature" for in special feature page?

   If noise level is not a problem, you can keep the battery running cooler during those hot summer days and prolong the battery life dramatically, heat is the number one enemy of battery!

10. Why do you came up with Dr. Prius App?

   With thousands of Prius out of warranty everyday, average consumer need an easy way to access the battery information, we believe that most of the general battery information should be free to the public and customers could choose to pay for more advanced test features to inspect the battery health further.

11. What hybrid vehicles are you supporting and will be supporting?

   We currently support Prius Gen2, Gen3, Prius C, Auris and all Lexus Hybrid

   Feel free to send us request if you wish to have your Toyota hybrid supported in Dr. Prius app.

Feature request

Please send your feature request to

Dr.Prius OBD2 clone adapter comparison

ELM327 OBD2 Adapter: The Clone Wars

Nothing can be worst waking up in the morning seeing one-start review from user claiming my App isn't working. Luckily friends and loyal users help me identify that 90% of the problem is causing by bad clone out there flooding the market, those bad clone lure users with unbelievable low price but the result never end well... at least for Dr. Prius App or other hybrid specific Apps like Hybrid Assistant.

It's a misconception that whatever work for Torque App should also work for Dr. Prius, the reality is, to get to the battery specific information, the OBD2 adapter must have the ability to "set message header" to a different ECU address, while other generic Apps only targeting the main ECU to retrieve very basic vehicle information like speed, rpm, coolant temperature.. etc. And with that, I decided to buy all the cheap clone adapters and see for myself, you my friend, just sit tight and enjoy the show.

PS: Most of the adapters are for Android only, iOS user please jump to the bottom of the page.

Dr.Prius OBD2 clone adapter-all

The tool/App that I use for testing

1. ELM327 Identifier
2. Elm327 OBD Terminal
3. Dr. Prius App
4. Hybrid Assistant App
5. Torque App

Mini Junk

This expensive adapter claim to support bluetooth 4.0 and all OBD protocols.
Yeah right! this is another junk adapter that is being packaged in a tiny and beautiful space-grey semi-transparent case, however it is far from usable and it does not have the ability to switch between ECUs, I've tried it on both iOS and Android devices with the same disappointed result. The only App that works for this adapter is called "Mini OBD II" App, it is nothing more than a proxy to the basic vehicle information.

Dr.Prius OBD2 clone adapter-mini junk

No Name Junk

This no name Junk is sharing the same packaging as the previous Mini Junk.
It has a nice transparent blue finished, and it "looks like" it is able to switch between ECUs, however at the end it failed to retrieve battery related information from both Prius Gen2 and Gen3. Please browse away whenever you see this packaging, I believe they are from the same company that produce defected/un-tested products.

Dr.Prius OBD2 clone adapter-no name junk

Mother of all Junks

This particular cheap clone has dominated the market for many years and it's absolutely disgusting, there is a real ELM327 version out there but with more expensive price tag
Definitely one of the worst adapter, it doesn't even support most of the basic OBD command from v1.2 all the way to v2.3, it might work with a few simple OBD app but definitely not for Dr. Prius.

Dr.Prius OBD2 clone adapter-mother junk

OBD2 mini with ON/OFF switch

This is a weird adapter that kind of work
This adapter with On/Off switch has a tendency of losting connection, on top of that it is missing info in every response (missing number of additional bytes at the beginning of each payload), however I did able to make it to work for Dr. Prius, still, not recommend.

Dr.Prius OBD2 clone adapter-on/off junk

GNTOP - almost there

This adapter come with nice acrylic case and instruction, it "almost" pass the test...
My first impression with this adapter is pretty good, feels like this manufacturer/distributor spent time in branding and packaging, it works for most of the part but unfortunately it has this weird bug that preventing a few data being retrieved consistently
Note: This adapter can work with Dr. Prius but missing DTC error code data, people actually give me one-star for this reason..

Dr.Prius OBD2 clone adapter-GNTOP

Bait and switch Junks

You will find these package on internet everywhere, however only a handfull of sellers actually selling the good stuff, make sure you see double layer PCB from the product pictures
Update 07/11/2018 - After couple of one-star user reviews, I found that even a dual-layer PCB could be a bad clone, at this time I don't want to approve any OBD2 adatper in this form factor, it feels like someone from the China factory is watching this post and changing their strategy to counter back, not cool, not recommend and buy at your own risk!
Update 06/09/2018 - thanks to our friend Alexandr from Belarus, we actually found a good clone on AliExpress that is cheap and works well (as of 6/8/2018), be sure to pick the BLUE or WHITE adapter NOT the black with MINI on it. Please be aware that this seller recently swap the black adapter with a bad clone that doesn't work at all, NOT COOL!
AliExpress OBD2 adapter for Android

Dr.Prius OBD2 clone adapter from AliExpress

Dr.Prius OBD2 clone adapter from AliExpress

bad OBD2 clone adapter from AliExpress

bad OBD2 clone adapter from AliExpress

BlueDriver - expensive orphan

I got quite a few requests from users asking if BlueDriver can work, well.. quick answer is No after spending $100 bucks.
Turns out BlueDriver can only work with it own proprietary App using their own proprietary protocol (not ELM327 compatible)
Don't get me wrong, it is an excellent adapter on it's own but the story ends there, I have even contacted their technical support and confirm that it is a close loop system that will not work with any other ELM327 software, sorry!

Dr.Prius OBD2 blue driver adapter

Expensive adapters not always good - OBDLink LX and MX

If you believe expensive stuff is always good, think again..
I've received 50/50 praises/complains about this OBDLink adapter that I have to purchase one myself despite the expensive price.
Well, turns out this is a really fast adapter but all the good things pretty much stop there, the manufacture "claims" to support both Android and iOS, however with iOS, it can only runs with their own App, this is due to it's last-generation Bluetooth hardware isn't compatible with the BLE (Bluetooth Low Energy). Also, I found it frustrated to pair it with Android devices, I think you have to click the connect button either at the right timing or with the right duration to make it to be discovered by your Android devices, overall, I would not recommend this fast adapter to friends and users.
Amazon US:

Dr.Prius OBD2 adapter OBDLink LX MX

CARISTA for iOS and Android

(Used to be) my favorite
Carista used to be an affordable solution, however I am getting complains from users saying Carista lured them to a subscription service.
Please note that Dr. Prius has no relationship with Carista therefore we can't refund you on that Carista subscription fee!
FIXD is another company selling the same adapter bondo their own App, the adapter works the same but at a much higher price.
Amazon US: Carista OBD2 Bluetooth Adapter for iOS and Android
AliExpress: Same OBD2 adapter from AliExpress

Dr.Prius OBD2 clone CARISTA

PanLong - for Android

An adapter that you can trust!
I got this PanLong OBD2 adapter from Amazon thinking I could return it anytime, and surprisingly that never happened for the past two years. This adapter is the work horse of all my developing and testing effort.
Open up the case and see for yourself how beefy it is compare to any other clone mini, however their new adapter in red color is defectived and won't work for Dr. Prius App or Hybrid Assistant App.

Update: The Amazon seller contacted me and provided the following promote code exclusive for Dr. Prius users, thanks Kathy!
Amazon US 20% promote code: JD3JHWBE
Amazon US:

Dr.Prius OBD2 clone adapter-PanLong

Veepeak for iOS and Android

Another taking my chance for the sake of science...
Let's start with their Bluetooth for Android, it's basically the same as PanLong or any other beefy clone adapters selling at a great price, great deal!
What really impress me is their Bluetooth BLE 4 adapter out-perform many adapters in terms of speed
Their WiFi adapter is only a "ok", due to the fact the on/off button is confuse to use
Amazon US: VEEPEAK OBD2 Bluetooth 4.0 for iOS and Android
Amazon US: VEEPEAK OBD2 Bluetooth for Android

Dr.Prius OBD2 clone adapter-veepeak Dr.Prius OBD2 clone adapter-veepeak-open-case

(Used to be)The best of both worlds - iOS and Android

This affordable adapter that support both Android and iOS (BLE 4)
Update 02/09/2019 I have user report back saying TONWON adapter from Amazon has bad quality control, he got two bad adapters in a row, thanks Clarence for the warning!
I found this "TONWON" adapter from Amazon, I also found it being rename to "OBDII Pro" or "VGate" on AliExpress, and as a matter of fact I don't actually know which one is the original...
It is one of the best adapters I've tested so far, it connect to both my Android and iOS beautifully, Note: Pick the one with "BLE 4.0 With iOS and Android", NOT the 3.0 or WiFi
Amazon US: TONWON OBD2 Bluetooth 4.0 for iOS and Android
AliExpress (pick Bluetooth 4.0): vGate OBD2 Bluetooth 4.0 for iOS and Android

WARNING !! NOT ALL vGate are created equally, there are older version vGate(Bluetooth 3.0) or fake vGate flooded the market, please pick the one that looks exactly like the one in below picture, the side has clear writing "Bluetooth LE 4.0 E50".

Dr.Prius OBD2 clone adapter-vGateDr.Prius OBD2 clone adapter-bad vGate Dr.Prius OBD2 clone adapter-vGate

Popular Bluetooth OBD2 adapters that works (Android)

Following are the popular OBD2 adapters that approved by many Dr. Prius users, you could find these adapters easily, not limited to Amazon

BAFX 34t5 Bluetooth
Amazon US:

Dr.Prius OBD2 adapter BAFX 34t5

Hybrid Assistant helpful page

Please also visit my friend at Hybrid Assitant for more helpful information:
Dr.Prius-friend page

This is it for now, I am pretty sure there are still hundreds of clone adapters out there waiting to be tested, and I am sure there are hundreds of sellers having different opinions than I do. Please feel free to reach out to me at, it will be my pleasure to test/re-test your adapter and share the result with the community.

With gratitude,
Jack C.